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7 February
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Sometimes the things I touch get a little messed up.
80s music, adam ant, alice in wonderland, animals who need love, anime, anxiety, apple martinis, art, art history, artwork with saints, bauhaus, blondie, books, broken people, bubble baths, byzantine art, cartoons, cats, cemeteries, children's literature, cider, coffee, corsets, creepy dolls, crisp spring days, current 93, cutting, dada, dancing, david bowie, day of the dead, dead can dance, death in june, depression, dorthy parker, duran duran, eddie izzard, edward gorey, einstürzende neubauten, england, f. scott fitzgerald, faeries, fairy tales, faith and the muse, flowers, foreign films, franz kafka, friends, gary numan, german expressionism, gin and tonics, goth music, grey skies, grover, halloween, heavenly creatures, hello kitty, honesty, horoscopes, independent films, ireland, japan, jean-michel basquiat, john fluevog shoes, john hartfield, joseph cornell, joy division, joyce carrol oates, julia margaret cameron, kate winslet, kim possible, kitsch, kmfdm, lenore, lewis carrol, literature, london, love letters, make-up, mary janes, meds, mintchip icecream, miranda sex garden, mix tapes, molly ringwald, morrissey, museums, new order, new romantic music, nick cave, nightmares and fairytales, old photographs, panic attacks, peter murphy, phenylethylamine, photography, picnics, poetry, pretty in pink, psychedelic furs, puppets, purple, rain, reaching out, reading, religious icons, roman dirge, rubber duckies, sainity, san francisco, sanrio, scarification, seinfeld, self-injury, sephora, shakespeare, shirley jackson, shoes, sisters of mercy, skulls, souxie and the banshees, stuffed animals, switchblade symphony, sylvia plath, tattoos, teaching, the 80s, the bolshoi, the breakfast club, the chameleons, the cure, the legendary pink dots, the powerpuff girls, the smiths, the virgin prunes, tones on tail, ultravox, unconditional love, unrequited love, victorian clothing, victorian england, victorian photography, virginia woolf, zelda fitzgerald